Barrie, Canada


How it all started…..

After years and years of frizzy hair and bad haircuts, I finally had my “aha” moment whilst looking for a new salon to call home. I had found a salon that specialized in curly hair! These exist, I thought to myself… While I worked for this salon I learned the basics of cutting and colouring curly hair. That was just not enough for me, I wanted to learn more. That’s when I went to the Devachan salon in New York for my first round of curly hair training.

After a time, I realized I wanted be able to offer more to my clients. I opened up my own curly hair salon in downtown Toronto. I owned and operated my curly hair salon, Aphrodite’s Sanctuary, for 5 years before I sold it to the current owner. I am extremely lucky to have amazing reviews from BlogTO and of course my faithful clients.

Once I sold my salon, I moved up to Barrie where I currently have a cute little shop set up in my home. I cater to curly and wavy clients and I have kinky/coily clients as well. I use only the best products for my clients. The product line I choose for my curly clients is Earthtones Naturals, which is formulated by naturopath Susan Walker. I also choose to use a more natural colour line that is more gentle for the hair and the scalp. The Affinage line is more than 90% natural by European standards and the base for the colour is shea butter and argan oil, making it soothing, gentle and full of vibrance and shine. The base for this line makes it ideal for curly hair clients.